How Do I Build My Brand in My Niche?

If you’re ready for your name to be the one people immediately call to mind when they think of your niche you’re going to have to do some branding. The good news is online branding is much easier than ever before. The advent of social media has made it possible for anyone to build their brand. Let’s look at a few ways you can begin building your brand today.


If you don’t already have one, you need to start. A blog allows you to produce quality content on your niche subject. It also allows you to create a community of people interested in your content or niche. It will also allow people to get to know you, via comments on the blog and your interaction there.


Look for active forums in your niche. Find forums that have a lot of activity. The activity level is more important than the number of members a forum has. A small but active forum is going to be more beneficial to you than a large but dead one. Once you’ve joined the forum take some time to get to know the place. Don’t just jump in. See who the players are, who has been there a long time, figure out what the rules. Once you’ve figured these things out begin to participate. Be an active member of the community. Don’t throw links to your site out, don’t ask people to go to your site. Answer questions, give feedback, better yet, each week write an article ~ specifically for this forum and post it as a new thread. The great content will get you noticed and will often times make people more curious about you. Which brings me to your signature. This is how people will find your site. Create a catchy signature file ~ it will automatically display at the bottom of each post. The more you do this and the more consistently you do this the better. This will help you immensely in becoming the “go to” person in your niche.


Set up a Twitter account if you don’t already have one. Begin looking for people who are interested in your topic. Talk to them, create conversations. Give them great links to more information about your niche. Invite them to events you may host on your niche topic. These things will get people to follow you and will help you build your brand in your niche.


Set up a Facebook fan page for your blog. This is a place you can continue to provide even more information and value on your niche topic. You can also engage in conversations and let people get to know you better. The more people know you the more they will trust you. This is a key element in building your brand. People have to have the opportunity to know like and trust you.

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